Figs like the sun and need to be situated on a south facing wall where they will receive plenty of warmth to crop successfully outdoors. From an established fan-trained fig tree it is possible to expect a yield of 5-14kg.

Figs need to be grown in a sunny position. Figs can be trained as a fan against a wall or as a bush where it will need protection from north and east winds. Figs will grow on a wide range of soils but all must be well-drained. Restrict the roots to prevent the fig from putting on too much growth and put the energy into producing fruit instead.

Figs are available in containers all year round.

Fig 'Brown Turkey'

The most reliable variety for growing outdoors. A prolific mid-season variety which bears large, brown-green, pear-shaped fruits which have a sugary, rich, red flesh. It has a compact habit.


1 x Fig in 3 Litre Container £10.00 each