The Tayberry is very similar to the Loganberry as it was bred from crossing a Blackberry with a Raspberry but a Tayberry fruits earlier.

Tayberries are best grown in full sun in a sheltered position although they tolerate partial shade as long as the soil doesn't dry out. Tayberries like deep, well-drained, loamy soils which hold water in the summer.

Tayberries are available pre-packed from late-October to March. They are available in containers all year round.

Tayberry 'Tayberry Group'

Tayberry 'Tayberry Group'

Large sized berries which are sweet, juicy and aromatic are borne from mid-July to August. Use for freezing, jam-making, and preserving.


1 x Root Wrapped Plant £8.50 each

1 x Plant in 5 Litre Container £12.00 each