Walnut trees make handsome specimen trees in parks and large gardens with their spreading habit and pinnate, aromatic leaves which are bronze-purple when young. They are grown for their habit, foliage, and edible fruits.

Grow in deep, fertile, well-drained soil, in full sun. In frost prone areas it will need a sheltered site. They will reach an ultimate height of 30m and a spread of 15m.


Walnuts are available in 7 litre pots all-year-round.

Walnut 'Broadview'

Currently the best form for the UK. Precocious from and early age (year three) and slightly resistant to frost at flowering time. A small, compact tree compared to the other varieties.

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Walnut 'Buccaneer'

An upright form which is ideal for avenues. It can bear a crop of walnuts from its fourth year. The nuts are round and are ideal for pickling. On maturity the tree can produce yields of 200 lbs. Self Fertile.

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