Winter Bedding Plants

As the vibrant hues of summer flowers begin to fade, you might be tempted to put your gardening gloves into hibernation. But wait! October presents a golden opportunity to inject life and colour back into your garden with winter bedding plants like pansies. They are low-maintenance, they don’t demand much attention, and their water requirements are minimal during the winter. Planting them in October or early November gives them a head start in establishing their root systems, making them even more self-sufficient.

Pansies are renowned for their cold-hardiness. By planting them in October or early November, you ensure a continuous burst of colour throughout the winter months. These resilient little gems can withstand chilly temperatures and even a light dusting of snow, adding a splash of colour to your otherwise dormant garden, brightening up the dreariest of winter days. You can plant them in borders, containers, or even in hanging baskets.

Planting pansies in October or early November is like a bridge between seasons. As the winter wanes and spring approaches, your pansies will still be blooming, easing the transition from one gardening season to the next.

We also stock a range of spring flowering bulbs which can be planted underneath the pansies to provide the first glimse of spring.

So, don’t let the arrival of autumn signal the end of your gardening year. Embrace the beauty of winter by planting winter bedding and watch your garden transform into a vibrant, year-round haven of colour and life. Click the button below to take a look at the varieties we have available this year.