Blackcurrants are long-lived, they will bear good crops for 15 years or more. The fruits are rich in vitamin C, they freeze well and are excellent for jam. From an established bush it is possible to expect a yield of 4.5kg a year. The main season for blackcurrants is July but by selecting the right cultivars it is possible to have fresh fruit from the end of June through to September.

Blackcurrants need to be grown in an open and sunny site. Blackcurrants flower early and are susceptible to cold so they should not be planted in a frost pocket. Blackcurrants will grow on a wide range of soils as long as they are deep and retain moisture. They grow best on slightly acidic soil (pH 6.7).

Blackcurrants are available pre-packed from late-October to March. They are available in containers all year round.