Hedging Plants

Welcome to the woodland and hedging plant section.

Please click on the botanical name of the plant to bring down a list of varieties of woodland and hedging plants we grow. The A to Z catalogue shows stock that will be available at some point during the 2022 season, we are continuously propagating and potting plants, so our stock is changing, some plants listed may not be currently available so please contact us for specific requirements.

We have a wide range of woodland and hedging plants available bare-root from 1st December to 31st March. Throughout the year a wide range of woodland and hedging plants are available in containers for all year round planting.

Native hedging plants are usually planted at six plants to the metre on a staggered row with 30cm between the trees and 30cm between the rows. A good mix for native hedging is:- Hawthorn 70%, Hazel 10%, Guelder Rose 4%, Dog Rose 3%, Field Maple 3%, Blackthorn 2%, Crab Apple 2%, Dogwood 2%, Holly 2%, Spindle tree 2%.

A local delivery service is available but with regret we do not offer a mailorder service for our plants.