The raspberry is a good fruit for a quick crop with heavy yields. Start with healthy canes and a row of raspberries will give good crops for up to 12 years. From an established row of summer fruiting raspberries it is possible to expect a yield of 2-3kg per metre whereas an established row of autumn fruiting raspberries can produce a yield of 0.6kg per metre.

Raspberries have a perennial root system which has a suckering habit, on summer fruiting cultivars they produce canes each year which will bear fruit on them the following year. Autumn fruiting cultivars grow canes with bear fruit the same year.

Raspberries need to be grown in a site which is protected from strong winds, which can break fruiting laterals. Raspberries are best grown in a sunny site although they will grow in partial shade as long as the soil doesn’t dry out. Raspberries like slightly acidic soil (pH 6.5-6.7), which is well-drained, but doesn’t dry out too quickly in the summer or that becomes waterlogged.

Raspberries are available in pre-packed bundles of 10 from late-October to March.