Vegetable Plants

Welcome to the vegetable plant section.

We grow a wide range of vegetable from seeds raised in peat free compost

The A to Z catalogue below shows stock that will be available during the 2023 season, We offer for sale varieties that we grow in our own garden. As such, we can offer tips and tricks to get the best results in your vegetable garden. We are continuously sowing seeds, so our stock is regularly changing. Some plants listed may not be currently available so please contact us if you have specific requirements.

Plants that show as ‘on backorder’ means that the plants are in production and quantities will be published once we know what stock is available.

We grow in a timely order, prefering to sow at a time of year which matches the optimum time for growing for each plant’s natural growth cycle.

We grow our plants in unheated polytunnels so we normally have tender varieties such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers available from Malvern Spring Gardening Show weekend (early May). We are reluctant to sell them before that as they will be killed by frosts, which are still possible until then.

We are keen to promote year round food production and can offer advise on what can be growing in your garden or on your allotment be it January or July!

A local delivery service is available but, with regret, we do not offer a mailorder service for our plants.