A beautiful hardy annual herb with rough leaves covered in silvery hairs and the most attractive celestial blue flowers. Nectar rich borage flowers are particularly attractive to pollinating insects, including bees which make distinctive flavoured borage honey. This versatile upright herb has a multitude of uses – add the cucumber flavoured leaves to summer drinks and salads, grow it as a companion plant close to other crops to attract pollinating insects, and at the end of the season plants make a useful bulky addition to the compost. It will reach a height 60cm and a spread of 45cm.

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A hardy biennial which has been used since the Stone Age and traditionally grown for the seeds, which are used in a diverse range of dishes including Asian and Indian dishes. A member of the carrot family.  Will self-seed so either cut the flowers off before they set or ‘bag’ the flower heads. Plant 15-20 cm apart in rows 15-20 cm apart.  It will reach a height of 60cm. Can be grown in pots.

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1 x Plant in 9cm Container, 1 x Plant in 1 Litre Container